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We Aim to Change 13,997+ Viewers Lives This March!

Awesome Speakers – Actionable Wisdom – Profound Realizations

It Doesn’t Matter What Your 2016 Goals Are, Attending the Women’s Prosperity Summit Will Make You Hit Them All

The Clock is Ticking! The Interest is Sky High! Motivation is in the Air! And the Summit is Ready to Roll!

We are bringing you 18 fantabulous women entrepreneurs and industry experts who are pumped up about sharing their best kept secrets with you. They are letting YOU in on their wisdom and it is going to COMPLETELY TRANSFORM your life! Are you Ready!

Inspiring Speakers
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Inspiration and Possibilities: The Only Summit You’ll Need

Here’s why The Women’s Prosperity Summit rocks!

–    It is a holistic summit, get everything from Law of Attraction tips to investment hacks to networking insights
–    Get to know amazingly like-minded people by being a part of the speakers’ communities
–    Fill in the gaps to an uber successful life

Summit Speakers

Welcome the 18 pillars of The Women’s Prosperity Summit!

These are superwomen who have pursued their passion. They are successful and most importantly they know how to replicate this success, with others. Together they will stream 49,000 seconds of gold and wisdom to change your life.

Elicia Crook

Elicia Crook

Elicai Cook Elicai Cook

Home Base Business

This Business Whiz will share actionable tips and tricks picked up from running a staff of 9 employees that will get you more clients than you can handle.

How To Thrive In Your Home Based Business

You LOVE what you do and you have always dreamed of being able to do it form home. The problem is, you’re not sure if you have set it up right.

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Rosie Shilo

Virtually Yours

Rosie Shilo Virtually Yours

Virtual Assistant Advocate

Visionary entrepreneur and the founder of one of the first Virtual Assistant companies in Australia spills the beans on what it takes to be a superstar VA and shows you the importance of persistence in business.

Proven Tips, Tools & Tactics to Find Your Perfect VA

Don’t know what a VA is?  If you do, would you like to know how they work or what’s involved? Do you know if working with a VA is even right for you?

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Michele Elmas-Hardy

Dynamic Business Women

Michele Elmas Dynamic Business Women

Female Entrepreneur Coach

Every entrepreneur’s favorite business coach, the founder of Dynamic Business Woman shares her experience and expertise to help you grow your venture and get out of plateaus.

Performing Podcasts

Creating your own Podcast isn’t as hard as you might think! Get excited, let go of your fear and learn from the best.

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Kylee Ellis

The Publishing Queen

Kylee Ellis The Publishing Queen

Publishing & Marketing Queen

The Queen of Publishing and the mistress of marketing gives you her cutting edge techniques to transition effortlessly from a physical business to a virtual setting and run it on autopilot.

Step-by-Step Process To Deliver Your Own Book

Would you love to write your own book but not sure what to write? Have a story to tell but not sure how to write it? Does the thought of publishing your own book scare the heebie-jeebies out of you?

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Gerarda Mader

Women’s Defence

Gerarda Mader Womens Defence

Sensei Gerarda

3rd Dan Karate Black Belt and President of Bathurst Accommodation Group shows you how to ignite your inner power, co-ordination & fitness without spending years in training.

The Fun Way To Learn Women’s Self-Defence

Yes, Martial Arts helped me empower myself to reclaim my strength and freedom and it will work for YOU too! Here’s the one and only system you’ll ever need to follow to be self-reliant, to feel liberated and enlightened the smart way…

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Carol Shaw

Liberating Vibrant Women

Carol Shaw Liberating Vibrant Women

Personal Vibrancy Strategist

Embrace your inner vibrancy! World’s first vibrancy strategist shows you how to put the zest back in your life and be a perfect 10/10 who is a force of nature!

Kicking Butt, Living A Vibrant Life & Living YOUR Expectations

Do you often feel at times like your ‘just a mum’, ‘just a wife’, ‘just a daughter’, ‘just a…slave’? Feel like you’ve lost sight of who you are or don’t like who you’ve become?

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Corinna Essa

Social Media Worldwide

Corinna Essa Social Media Worldwide

Social Media Marketing Strategist And Educator

Social Media Marketing Strategist And Educator Corinna Essa is known internationally as the go-to person when it comes to social media marketing. She owns a social media marketing company helping businesses around the world leverage the power of social media without doing any of the legwork.

Effectively Use Social Media for Business

Discover the step-by-step system allowing you to go from not knowing how to effectively leverage the power of social media to generate traffic, leads, and sales to mastering the skill of social media strategic planning to experience up to 400% returns from your marketing efforts.

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Lacy Gow


Lacy Gow Famylia

Australian Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Experienced family dispute resolutioner and the founder of tech platform Famylia shows how you can eliminate conflict from co-parenting relationships and nurture children from broken homes into wonderful adults.

Resolving Relationship Conflicts

In a relationship but questioning how that is effecting your personal and professional prosperity?  Ending a relationship but feeling drained by the ongoing communication issues whilst trying to co-parent children together?

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Michelle Peterson-Clark

Content Marketing Queen

Michelle Peterson-Clarke Content Marketing Queen

The Queen

Explosive writer and the widely proclaimed Content Marketing Queen shows you how you can hook and reel in your prospects with great copy and convert them again and again.

Customer Relations Equation

What is the Customer Relations Equation? Your marketing strategy needs to work in unison with customer relations to boost sales and keep buyers coming back. It’s not enough that they ‘Like’ you.

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Natalie Jardim


Natalie Jardim Subpro

Investor, Developer & Educator

Prosperity personified property investment whiz gets your real estate journey started and shows you everything you need to make your money work for you – overtime!

Property Profiting Portfolio

Have you ever thought about property investing, or how to maximise the growth of your current portfolio? Natalie Jardim takes you through all of the strategies she uses.

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Mimika Cooney

Mimika Cooney

Mimika Cooney Mimika Cooney

Video Marketing Specialist

Having trouble getting noticed! This lady is the secret sauce for your marketing campaigns. Learn the powerful hold video has over buyers and push your conversions through the roof.

Viral Video Visibility, the Keys to Getting Noticed Online

If Viral Video Visibility scares you half to death then a strategic plan to get you behind the camera and openly chat to others could help boost your confidence.

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Stephanie Kakris

High Performance Coach

Stephanie Kakris High Performance Coach

High Performance Coach

Popular Peak Performance coach and psychology expert gives you the blueprint to activate the Law of Attraction in your life and vision boarding hacks to accelerate results.

5 Powerful Steps To Boost Your Prosperity Mindset

Have you ever wondered if there is a hidden “blockage” to your money flow? And if there is one, how you can overcome it?

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Nikki & Tiffany Patterson

Six-Pack Sisters

Nikki & Tiffany Patterson Six Pack Sisters

Nutritional Health, Body + Mind Educator

Driving women to realize their full potential by being more than 'healthy', the founders of Six Pack Sisters shows you how to hit your A-Game with superfoods.

Free yourself from the trap of obsessing about diet and exercise

There isn’t one thing that will work for everyone, but everyone can find one thing that will work for them. Your Health Style is that one thing. It’s the combination of Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle preferences, specific to you, that will get you and your body where you want to be.

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Caroline Shaw

Global Success Events

Caroline Shaw Global Success Events

Event + Marketing Specialist

Serial entrepreneur, creator of three multi-million dollar businesses and the epitome of razor sharp business skills tells you how you can find your mission in life and monetize it!

How To Run A Highly Profitable Event

Are you a speaker, author, coach, consultant or anyone who has a message that they want to share with the world?

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Zoe Hida


Zoe Hilda Appiwork

Business Development Manager

Co-Founder and Business Development Manager of award winning company Appiwork gives you insights into what makes epic marketing campaigns and shows you how to befriend the media to your advantage.

Turning App Ideas into Cash

Find out how YOU can turn your great app ideas into high quality products that deliver real value to users and positive return on investment.

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Morena Russell

Morena Russell

Morena Russell Morena Russell

Profit Strategist

Budgeting virtuoso gives you the much needed skills to watch your business investment. Create a viable profit strategy and mint money on a regular basis to shatter the myth of the starving entrepreneur.

Money Strategy For Business Prosperity

Are You Sick Of Chasing After Your Money? You’re making money, but poof, it’s gone before you even get a chance to spend it on the things that you really want!

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Monika Mundell

Monika Mundell

Monika Mundell Monika Mundell

Communication Strategist & SPARK Coach

International best-selling author, ace communication strategist and the darling of the media unlocks her kit of ‘hacks’ to align your brand message with your mission and get people to take action.

7 Keys To SPARK Your Profits

7 Keys to SPARK Your Profits
How to Effortlessly Engage Your Dream Clients, Without Compromising Your Values
Monika will show you what it (really) takes to build a multiple six-figure business with courage and clarity, and without compromising your values.

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Charmen Delos Santos

High Heeled Traders

Charmel Delos Santos High Heeled Traders

Share Trading Specialist

Author of High Heeled Traders and ABS-CBN featured speaker lets you in one her secrets to mint money. Learn about inner market analysis and invest in profitable options.

Share Trading Secrets

Share Trading from the Comfort of Your Home… Because Investing is Every Woman’s Business! Did you know that you can invest even when your life is busy?

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Don’t Let This Opportunity & A Life Time of Success Pass You By!

The summit will run 3 Days from Friday March 18th to Sunday March 20th

  • Three speakers 8am-12pm morning session daily
  • Three speakers 1pm-5pm afternoon session daily
Register and login to see the individual speakers. 100% FREE! 100% Online!

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it!”

Amelia Earhart – American aviation pioneer and author.

Summit Schedule

Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of March 2016.

Note the session times for our ace presenters and be ready to binge on life changing insights!
By clicking on the speaker of choice you will be taken through to the “Presentation Gallery“. Here you must be registered and logged in to view the presentation/s. Remember registration is free!

March 18th

Morning Session
8am – 12pm
Kylee Ellis
Kylee EllisStep-by-Step Process To Deliver Your Own Book
Monika Mundell
Monika Mundell7 Keys to SPARK Your Profits
Stephanie Kakris
Stephanie Kakris5 Powerful Steps To Boost Your Prosperity Mindset

March 18th

Afternoon Session
1pm – 5pm
Caroline Shaw
Caroline ShawHow To Run A Highly Profitable Event
Natalie Jardim
Natalie JardimProperty Profiting Portfolio
Michele Elmas-Hardy
Michele Elmas-HardyPerforming Podcasts

March 19th

Morning Session
8am – 12pm
Carol Shaw
Carol ShawKicking Butt, Living A Vibrant Life & Living YOUR Expectations
Nikki & Tiffany Patterson
Nikki & Tiffany PattersonFree Yourself from the Trap of Obsessing About Diet and Exercise
Gerarda Mader (Sensei Gerarda)
Gerarda Mader (Sensei Gerarda)The Fun Way To Learn Women’s Self-Defence

March 19th

Afternoon Session
1pm – 5pm
Mimika Cooney
Mimika CooneyTo Blab or Not To Blab, That is The Question!
Zoe Hida
Zoe HidaTurning App Ideas into Cash
Lacy Gow
Lacy GowResolving Relationship Conflicts

March 20th

Morning Session
8am – 12pm
Elicia Crook
Elicia CrookHow To Thrive In Your Home Based Business
Charmel Delos Santos
Charmel Delos SantosShare Trading Secrets
Corinna Essa
Corinna EssaSocial Media Marketing Strategist And Educator

March 20th

Afternoon Session
1pm – 5pm
Michelle Peterson-Clark
Michelle Peterson-ClarkCustomer Relations Equation
Rosie Shilo
Rosie ShiloProven Tips, Tools & Tactics to Find Your Perfect VA
Morena Russell
Morena RussellMoney Strategy For Business Prosperity

In this FREE online Womens Prosperity Summit you’re going to get proven strategies and techniques on…

  • Podcasting

  • Content Marketing

  • Money & The Law of Attraction

  • Budgeting

  • Property Investing

  • Building Apps

  • Just Surviving To Thriving

  • Living Healthy With Raw Food

  • Hiring A Virtual Assistant

  • Event Management

  • Writing & Publishing Your Own Story

  • Family Dispute Resolution

  • Effective Self-Defence

  • Passion Expressed With Copywriting

  • Network Marketing Pro’s & Con’s

  • Love & Living In A Relationship

  • Share Trading In High Heels

  • Video Marketing

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Get the Most Out of This Summit: Make Things Happen for You!

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.”
Dolly Parton (actress, singer, songwriter, author, businesswoman, and humanitarian)

Having a positive outlook on life is a crucial part of finding inspiration.

We hope these quotes from the speakers themselves inspire and challenge, shed light, help keep perspective, energize, lead to thinking in a new way


We partner with extraordinary companies that share our same drive and vision for positive social change.
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THANK YOU! so much”


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